Only a few vines are still cultivated according to the old stylistic features dictated by tradition. This is because Asprinio requires a special care. The pruning of the trees follows its own rules and the harvest is carried out exclusively with the scalillo, a long, narrow ladder and carried by a single man. Not only that: for each cultivated hectare, the grapes hardly reach a yeld of 50%. Drengot has courageously chosen not to compromise and to produce equally pure wines, made from 100% Asprinio grapes. A decision that has narrowed down the production to a few thousands of bottles.

Terramasca is the perfect spumante for special occasions. The persistence of a noble taste and the elegant packaging make Terramasca the right bottle for classy evenings and events. Its strong and sparkling taste refreshes the mind and ignites the heart and impresses on the palate of those who taste it the emotion of a magical moment.

Why terramasca

The name Terramasca refers to the land of volcanic origin, of which the soil of most of the plantations in the agro-aversano is composed. It is a strong and harsh name, just like this land and the character of the people who live here, but it encloses the elegance and nobility of the important history, which are the distinctive trait of these places

Elegance and stength

A wild elegance explodes in the notes of sour, fresh and sparkling taste that characterize Terramasca. Its straw yellow colour shines with the original greenish reflections that only the particular heights reached by the grapes can give. The nose has hints of exotic fruit, in an interweaving balanced by floral and citrus flagrances. The persistence of taste and smell is long-lasting and evokes a precious and ancient je ne sais quoi to the mind.


Only a limited number of bottles are produced to guarantee maximum quality and respect for the most ancient traditions of cultivation. Each grape is hand-picked and carefully chosen by expert hands. Only the most beautiful bunches continue their journey that will allow them to become Terramasca.
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Scalillo is the perfect white wine to accompany the most sought-after dishes. A classy combination, where a moment of conviviality becomes a unique experience. The perfect wine for those demanding palates who are looking for a prestigious and quality product. Every sip of Scalillo is an explosion of freshness with typical and original citrus, floral and exotic fruit notes.

Why Scalillo

Lo “Scalillo” è la lunga e sottile scala adoperata durante la vendemmia dell’Asprinio. Ogni piolo è realizzato a mano e si adatta perfettamente alla fisicità dei contadini. Questo rende ogni scalillo unico, così come il nostro vino è un bianco diverso da tutti gli altri

Unicità prima di tutto

I grappoli di Scalillo maturano a 15 metri di altezza dal suolo. Questo dona al vino un gusto particolare, unico. Dissetante, aspro e tonico, dal colore giallo paglierino, all’olfatto si presenta note floreali, di frutta candida e ananas. Il suo sapore è fresco ed equilibrato, persistente al palato.


Viene prodotto solo un numero limitato di bottiglie per garantire il massimo della qualità e il rispetto delle più antiche tradizioni di coltivazione. Ogni acino è raccolto a mano e scelto accuratamente da mani esperte. Solo i grappoli più belli continuano il loro viaggio che permetterà loro di trasformarsi in Scalillo
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